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Citizen - Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil 30Ml (300mg)

Blended for people who desire to possess long-term wellness. We believe in the use of whole plant high-CBD oil for preventative care. May help individuals that have symptoms of many neurological disorders, as well as managing pain, inflammation and PTSD. 30 Ml 1 oz 300 Mg CBD. Each dose is 10mg of high quality CBD.

Citizen Premium Gelcaps (30 count)

Enjoy the awesome benefits of CBD in a convenient Gelcap that you can take and consume on the go! Each Premium Gelcap contains 25mg of naturally occurring cannabidiol in each cap. Citizen Premium Gelcaps include CBD oil with the highest ratio on the market of terpenes and trace cannabinoids to CBD content. In other words, you’re getting incredibly pure CBD oil not available anywhere else. And since it comes in Gelcap form, you receive the best intestinal absorption and a consistent experience every time.